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“We are thinking of the future beforehand”

Within the School Communities program, the social project has been implemented

With the assistance of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan, with the initiative of Community.az and Green Line and with the general sponsorship of one of the private banks, within the School Communities program the social project “We Think of the Future beforehand” has been realized.

The main objective of the project – helping teenagers in a choice of profession, the organization of effective leisure, elimination of unemployment and support for career development.

Within the project, a number of events and presentations will be held to increase the level of knowledge and skills for pupils of the IX class of the 11th Boarding School for the integrated training in Baku. These events organized according to the talents and abilities of children on specialties as the hairdresser, the tailor, the mechanic, the florist, the photographer, and others. It should be noted that in the training provided by the team of professional psychologists of Green Line, the important part is assigned to subjects of professional selection and integration to society.

The project has provided the general information on specialties, practical experience, and excursions in the working process of the companies. At the end of the project, initial knowledge and skills acquired on potential professional areas will promote self-development and realization of desires and purposes of the teenagers.

The first deputy chairman of the board of private bank Etibar Babashli has noted: “Our bank always attached great value to social projects. Our purpose to join this project supported by the Ministry of Education is helping teenagers from boarding schools to take the first steps in adulthood. Within the project holding different activities planned. We will also continue to support such social projects constantly”.

At the end of the project within the final event, the short film prepared together with pupils of the 11th Boarding School for the integrated training and presented.