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My family – the main support and motivation for success

The success story of Elvin Ismayilov

Hero of our story is Elvin Ismayilov who became a student of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) 5 years ago scoring 675 out of 700 in the national entrance exam and admitted to Milan Polytechnic University in Italy before graduating BHOS.


What does it mean for Elvin to be a BHOS graduate?

Elvin graduated from BHOS this year. Being a student at this university is a great success.  The instructors of this university are very experienced and knowledgeable; they use modern teaching methods and apply the latest technology. The university had a superbly equipped laboratory. Being a graduate of BHOS is being a competitive young professional with advanced knowledge of the latest technologies. This means Elvin was at least one step further than his peers.

He was interested in electronics since childhood. And then this interest became conscious. His father often told him about the importance and prospects of automation of modern production. So, children's passion became a profession. Elvin thinks that young people should get an education as an engineer in process automation (in Milan, Elvin will study automation and organization of production) because it will be trendy in 10 years.

“Although this profession itself is not new, it is constantly being updated and modernized, and not only in a narrow framework, but developing various related industries. I like my profession, and I will always be in demand as a specialist, so I am satisfied with my choice”.


Elvin’s future plans are linked to his homeland

After graduating from the magistracy, E.Ismayilov is going to start a career abroad and to live there for a while. Currently, new factories are being built in Azerbaijan, new technologies are being introduced and production is being modernized everywhere. Elvin thinks that starting his career and gaining experience abroad would help him to be successful and more useful for his country. “My main goal for the near future is successfully completing the master's degree, then finding a job according to my profession” - Elvin shares about his plans.


Elvin’s advice to freshmen

“I would recommend avoiding mechanical memorization of the material and remembering it in a convenient form. At the entrance exams, the main thing is to focus on the questions, and this will avoid stress. Do not forget about having a rest: in classes, you need to take breaks. And finally, you need to make a choice in accordance with your goals, aspirations, and level of knowledge. Then the student years for them will be interesting, and they themselves will be able to become qualified specialists and their families will be proud of them. They will also be useful for their country” - Elvin assures.


The first success is key for a successful life

“My family is my main support and incentive for my success. Good grades and academic success, first of all, I had to be responsible for my responsibilities. And the desire to see the results of your work and achieving dreams helps to overcome difficulties on the way to your dreams. If there is such a desire, then a person stubbornly and tirelessly goes to his goal” says our hero.

If we consider that enrolling in BHOS was his first great success after graduating from secondary school, then this event was probably the most joyful. We must not forget that he was able to become a graduate student at the Polytechnic University of Milan precisely because of the education he received at the BHOS. “To succeed in any field, it is necessary that you should be interested in it. Success is a whole process, and the first success can be the basis for the next successes. And do not be afraid of failures - a big victory often follows a big failure. Therefore, we must not despair, but persistently and with enthusiasm to achieve our goal”.


This is exactly what our hero believes.