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Media Literacy workshop

Media literacy is an important competence of modernity. The young Georgians have a high interests regarding the media literacy.

On February 22, 2020, a workshop on media literacy was held within the framework of the "Road to the Future" project of the Society named "BILIKI". The young people got the information what media literacy is and how to be involved in media literacy courses.


The aim of the course for young people is to learn the basics of media literacy, core questions and be able to decode multimedia products, understand media messages, analyze the author's intentions and the influence of media effects on the audience.


The young activists of the Association "BILIKI" took part in the course with great interest. Actively participated in the discussion and analyzed media messages.


According to the author of the course, Tamar Mosiashvili, media literacy is important for young people, not only to decode and protect media messages, but also to increase civic engagement. Media literacy helps young people understand the interests of those in power and draw a red line between their lives and the media. Evaluate the needs of the local community and act accordingly.


The Georgian Public Interests Defense Association (GPIDA), with the support of the Intercultural Center, prepared an online media literacy course in 2018. More than 200 young people took part in the abovementioned course. All interested persons can participate in the online course; In order to participate, you need to register on the following online platform: www.moodle.ganatldi.ge.


Tamar Mosiashvili, the author of the course, notes that in addition to decoding media messages and combating propaganda, the competence of media literacy is also important in increasing civic engagement. The aim of the course is to just increase civic engagement. Course participants have the opportunity to analyze media messages containing social, political and economic interests. Participants clearly see the interests and benefits of the creator of the media message.


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April 2020