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“Living together, learning together”: new phase, new goal

The new phase of the project "Living Together, Learn Together", implemented by CNC member NGO "Bridge of Hope", has been launched. 

The new phase of the project "Living Together, Learn Together", implemented by CNC member NGO "Bridge of Hope", has been launched. This time it aims to improve capacities of 65 mainstream schools of Yerevan to provide the right of the child to education, through inclusive quality education.

Within the framework of the project training of trainers (ToT ) on the topic of inclusive education for 65 school principals of Yerevan were implemented. The training aims to support the professional development process of trainers in the field of inclusive education and teachers of general educational institutions.
The three-day training was conducted in 3 phases, with the participation of 65 school principals from different administrative districts of Yerevan.

Upon completion of the training, an outgoing workshop took place, with the participation of all 65 school principals, representatives from Mainstream Education and Financial Departments of the Ministry of Education and Science and Yerevan Municipality, RA MES National Institute of Education, Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center.

Training of trainers is followed by training for the teachers of the 65 schools mentioned above. At this phase of the project, the training is conducted by the principal of the exact school together with the specialist of National Institute of Education. 5-day training includes topics on "Inclusive Education" and "Teaching Staff: teachers and pedagogical and psychological support team".
On the 5th day of the training, the Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center specialist carries out training on the 1st (school) level of child's needs assessment and the development and implementation of the individual plan of pedagogical and psychological support services, which is the part of the individual education plan.
For the effective implementation of the project, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between "Bridge of Hope" NGO and Yerevan Municipality. The project is implemented in partnership with "Mission East" Armenia, with the financial support of CISU - Civilsamfund i Udvikling.