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Gained success by overcoming difficulties

There are now more than 500.000 people with disabilities in Azerbaijan. Our hero, Tural Aliyev, is one of them. 

From an early age,  Tural suffered from serious illnesses, and despite treatment it was impossible to prevent the delay of the development of his upper and lower extremities. However, he did not despair and on the contrary, worked hard to improve the welfare of his family. From a young age Tural was interested in cell phones and their repair. When his friend informed him about the courses opened within the framework of the project of the European Union (EU), he applied and was accepted for a two month course under the guidance of Master Said. During the duration of the course, he showed special talent, especially, in repair of new phone models, and completed the course successfully.

His business plan was approved, and he opened a business called “Cell Phone Repair” in Aghalig community, where he lives. He obtained equipment with the financial support of the EU. Benefitting from the project, Tural opened a cell phone repair service and an internet club. Now, people from adjacent communities as well come to his side for their phone repair. All of this speaks of the fact that anyone can overcome difficulties and gain success via talent and hard work. Despite his disability, Tural gained success by the means of his mind and skillful hands.


The hero of our story reached success thanks to activities implemented with the support of the EU and within the project “Rural Sustainable Development Initiative,” currently executed by Support to Social Development Public Union “Umid”. We can attest that there was a noticeable development in the region of Guba-Khachmaz because of the united efforts of the “Rural Sustainable Development Initiative” project center, the local authorities, the community members and the private sector which came to increase of skills of the local youth and the expansion of employment opportunities.


As a result of the project’s implementation, the social infrastructure improved and the migration of youth to cities and other regions decreased. Also, the income of the local population increased and new profitable fields were created.