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Conference - “Democratic School and Critical Media Literacy”, 2017

On February 11th 2017, in the “Courtyard Marriott” conference, organized by Civic Development Institute “Democratic School and Critical Media Literacy” took place. Teachers, pupils, education experts and NGO representatives from Tbilisi and other regions of Georgia attended the conference. The conference was the part of CNC advocacy action in Georgia. In the frame of advocacy actions Georgian teachers presented methodological materials on media literacy. Materials cover the following topics: gender issue, human rights, democracy, ecology etc. 

Participant Sophia Kvernadze, teacher of English literature mentioned the role of qualified teachers in schools: “We need professional teachers and wide variety of lessons. And most importantly – lead lessons with the elements of media literacy.“


During the conference, participants discussed teacher’s policy & professional freedom, the ways to reach the better education for all children in Tbilisi and regions of Georgia, strengthening of democratic values in school and significance of critical media literacy.
“We should involve school, parents and community/society in the process of pupil’s development” mentioned Nana Peradze, Project Coordinator at Bridge of Friendship “Kartlosi”.


Pupils’ diploma awards for winning in the competition “Better Education for All Children” also took place in the frames of conference. Pupils also received books and printed posters prepared by them as presents. These pupils were from different regions of Georgia, such as: Sachkhere, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Gori and Telavi. The competition was financially supported by the Project “Caucasus Network for Children” (CNC). Pupils highlighted the following ideas in their posters:

Poverty does not mean a lack of rights, Qualified teacher – a guarantee of a strong generation; Equality – let’s transmit demand into the reality ; School, Family, Society – sign for school support; Let’s pave the way with the help of Education; Together for a better Education!


Professor of Ilia State University Giorgi Gakheladze said that: In order to achieve a better education, schools providing general education must become more and more independent, which means that Government should no longer be involved in the system of general education. Such functions as teaching content, management, making decisions on the school/class level should be in hands of school and community management. Government has its limitations due to bureaucratic issues and will never be able to manage educational field without these limitations. Therefore people’s motivation to receive qualified education is decreasing.

More freedom = better quality of education. Education is good when it comes from people’s needs. From people to people by people – best formula to give a better education to the people.



Author of the article - Teona Magalashvili