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CNC plays an important role in the consolidation of efforts for the rights of vulnerable children

The regular Board Meeting and the General Assembly of CNC took place on 25-28 November 2019 in Vienna

The CNC Board discussed the work over the past year

The CNC Board had a discussion on the work done last year. The annual meeting of CNC members as usual started with a two-day session of CNC Board, held on 25-26 November 2019. Welcoming speeches were given by the Board members, the coordinator and employees of Verein zur Förderung von Vielfalt, Dialog und Bildung (IZ).

During the first day of the Board meeting, the participants expressed their expectations from the meeting, the possibilities for solving the urgent problems that CNC faces and the implementation of new ideas for developing the Network. As well as, the social situation in the countries and the influence on the activities of non-governmental organizations in concrete countries were discussed. It was agreed on by all members of the Board that each organization should prepare a report on its activities according to the CNC strategic planning, including such tasks as awareness-raising for the wider public on inclusive education of children from vulnerable groups, their involvement in education, the recognition of the Network on regional and international levels, etc.

A number of Board members introduced the work done in 2019 regarding the aforementioned tasks. Particularly, the following events were organized - a media contest and training for journalists, the monitoring of mass media on Inclusive Education (IE), publication in journals and information sites, participation in TV programs, organization of a series of actions in each country for awareness-raising on the problems of children from vulnerable groups, events with the participation of children with disabilities, the pedagogical staff from schools and universities, the development of a toolkit for easy reading, etc.

The Network Board discussed and adopted the Strategic Plan 2020-2023, had a discussion on CNC budget matters and fundraising perspectives. In relation to this, Board members decided that the Network stability in much depends on financing, as well as, corresponding grants for advocacy, PR network, the motivation of Network members, experience exchange, mutual projects. The key point in the discussion was the maintenance and advancement of the Network web page, updating of its sections, more active cooperation among the ones responsible for information update on the page. After discussions and CNC Work Plan 2020 adoption, the representative of the Humanitarian Foundation for Children “BUTA” (Azerbaijan) Matanat Gulieva was appointed as the coordinator of the Network.


GA adopted the Working Plan for 2020

The representative of IZ Gertrude Illmeyer addressed the General Assembly (GA) of the CNC on 28-29 November. She expressed hope that the work of the GA will be productive and aimed at the development of the Network, which will be able to meet modern challenges.

The coordinator of the Network Matanat Gulieva gave a short report on the decisions made during the Board meeting and introduced the two-day program to the GA participants.

The GA approved the candidacy of M.Gulieva as the Network coordinator, who was elected by CNC Board a day before. Afterward, the organizations reported on their activities from the perspectives of CNC Working Plan 2019. The CNC member countries reported on such activities as a theater forum for children from vulnerable groups, a project on media literacy with schools and local society, round tables on cybersecurity, participation in TV talk shows, trainings for parents, children of primary schools, sharing information on their rights in their families, the education of the youth in the sphere of business, development of training modules “Children and their families as volunteers”, elaboration of educational material – language of ethics, development of distance courses, conducting research on decentralization in schools.

During the GA meeting, the Working Plan 2020 was discussed and adopted, afterward, the future perspectives, as well as budget and fundraising matters were discussed and a number of ideas for their effective realization were listed.

Parallel to the GA meeting, a separate session was held for communications officers, who had a discussion and later represented the rest GA participants the Communication Action Plan 2020.

At the end of the GA meeting, mini-training was held by IZ representative Daniela Mussnig on the HumHab platform.

Finally, the CNC participants thanked each other and wished active and fruitful cooperation for achieving the goals and objectives of the network.

February 2020