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Children have been rehabilitated and regained their confidence

Azerbaijan Children's Union (ACU) member of Caucasus Network for Children (CNC) organized special handcrafting courses for children from vulnerable groups, including children inhabiting in the shelter under ACU, as well adolescent victims of domestic violence within the advocacy activities.

The course has been provided by two professional trainers. Within 10 days, they were able to teach 15 children the simplest elements of making souvenirs and other handicrafts. 

In the words of one teachers, Gulshan Abbasova “children are not only learning new things but also undergoing rehabilitation, regaining their self-confidence, trying to return to normal social life, forgetting the problems they had to face at an early age with obtaining these skills”.

As a result of the work carried out organized the exhibition of handicrafts by children who had completed the above-mentioned course in November, in one of the Exhibition Galleries of Baku. Students, activists of public organizations, representatives of various ministries and other government agencies (school, university officials, etc.), employees of business companies and international organizations attended the exhibition as guests. 

Director of the Azerbaijan Children's Union Kamala Agazade made a presentation and described the activities undertaken by ACU as a member of CNC and in general, informed the audience about the goals and objectives of the CNC. According to her “guests contributed to the partial solution of financial problems of families of these children with buying children's crafts at the exhibition. Moreover, children having obtained such skills will also be able to make such handcrafted souvenirs and financially help their families by selling that stuff in the future. ACU will continue to support them on this matter”

Guests of the event especially emphasized the importance of organizing such exhibitions. This has the advantage of not only to see and bought these stuff but also personally meet with children from vulnerable families and draw the attention of the guests to this issue.