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ACU undertook several activities relating to advocacy

The Azerbaijan Children Union (ACU) within 2 months (September – October 2019)   undertook activities relating to advocacy within the framework of the Caucasus Network for Children (CNC)

The activity was to study situations involving children with special educational needs. The purpose of this activity was to study the situation in this field by collecting expert evaluations on the participation of children with special educational needs.

According to the head of the ACU Kamala Aghazada, the target group was formed among specialists working in the field of attracting children with special educational needs as well as teachers, social workers, psychologists, etc.

To obtain results, such methods as conducting individual meetings and surveys, a convening of round tables with the discussion of these problems and results were chosen.


“Special mention should be made that in this short time we managed to attract more than 50 experts and specialists to the implementation of our campaign. So, individual interviews were conducted with 8 experts working in the above areas, 25 surveys with specialists, as well as students and NGO (non-governmental organizations) activists working in this field. Besides, to discuss the results of individual meetings and surveys, we organized a round table with the participation of experts, where up to 20 people participated”, Kamala Aghazada noted, touching on this work of the organization.


According to her, the activity of ACU in 2019 was not limited only to this advocacy. So, throughout the entire year, the Union of Children of Azerbaijan organized a discussion with students at universities, met with volunteers, familiarized social workers with the activity of the Children's Shelter under ACU and conducted several pieces of training for a group of specialists in the framework of other projects and program. Also, a special role in attracting the attention of the general public to solve the problems of children with special educational needs was played by its coverage in the mass media.

Dissemination of information about the organization’s activities through the mass media, including participation in the social TV programs of ACU employees, had a positive effect on the process of drawing public attention to the problems of children, including issues related to education.


December 2019