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European Union is interested in development of professional technical education in Azerbaijan

One of the projects most successfully advanced in Azerbaijan with the support of the European Union (EU) concerns the reform of the education system.

This is the opinion of the Adviser-envoy and the Department Head for the cooperation of the EU Delegation in Azerbaijan Simona Gatti, who pointed it during the official opening of the Center for Vocational Education and Training in Ganja. The Center was opened under the project called “Support for the establishment of a competent regional vocational training center in Ganja”, which was funded by the European Union and carried out with the assistance of the United Nations Development Program.

An industrial workshop that accommodates requirements of modern standards began to operate in the Center. The workshop is equipped with industrial and technical training equipment of an international level for teaching 6 major specialties included in the new curriculum of the Center.

In the Regional Center for Professional Training, 60 students will undergo training under the new programs. The Center will help to involve students in industrial training in those areas in which they study and gain the ability to professionally operate the equipment and methods that they will use in their future careers.

The aim of the project is to raise the level of the education system in Azerbaijan to European standards. And in this direction, the EU representative in our Republic works closely with the Ministry of Education of the country. Particular work has already been done in order to improve the quality of the training plan - curriculums, training methodology, etc. In general, EU projects in Azerbaijan have 4 strategic directions. This is the development of the economy and the creation of great opportunities in the system of market relations; creation of an effective management system; rational use of energy resources; protection of the environment. And in the humanitarian aspect - this is social development and strengthening of communication between people.

According to S. Gatti, projects on introduction of best practices and modern technologies of European countries in the development of small farms and create an information system that would help farmers choose the most effective fertilizers, which would help preserve and increase the yield of traditional crops, etc. is actively implemented in Azerbaijan. Touching upon national education, S. Gatti noted the successful work to restore vocational training in the country.

 “Unfortunately, educational institutions in Azerbaijan are not very popular yet for the development of various professions, they are considered not prestigious, second-rate in comparison with higher educational institutions. But in the EU, education in such schools is estimated no less highly than higher education. The modern system of vocational education schools plays a very important role in the modernization of Azerbaijani society and the state”, Gatti emphasized.

In the coming months, it is planned to continue work for the implementation of similar work in other regions of the republic.



October 2019