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European Union is interested in development of professional technical education in Azerbaijan

One of the projects most successfully advanced in Azerbaijan with the support of the European Union (EU) concerns the reform of the education system.

“The knowledge bus” drives across the country

Education on wheels? Why not! 

Fidan conquers Europe

The success story of Fidan Garayeva

The first private school joined to “Digital skills” project

Since the beginning of February of this year, the modern school-lyceum complex in Bilasuvar region has joined the “Digital Skills” project 

Karen Gasparyan regarding the importance of the state language

Karen Gasparyan was born in village Shaumiani, Marneuli municipality. After the graduation of Public School №1 he became a student of  Ilia State University at the Faculty of Computer Engineering. Karen is 20 years old and, at the same time,  he works  at  Georgian Public Broadcasting in an Armenian group, as the news  reporter.

The history of Nare Kazaryani's success

Approximately 5% of the population of Georgia is ethnic Armenians. It is essential for ethnic minorities to create the conditions that will help them to integrate into Georgian society.

Lado Apkhazava is a member of 10 best teachers team!

Yesterday, February 20, 2019, Global Teacher Prize announced the list of finalists. Georgian teacher Vladimer (Lado) Apkhazava is among top 10 finalists. He is a member of 10 best teachers team!

Advocacy for Democaracy Schools

After the 2003 “Rose Revolution” in Georgia, the school became an independent organization. The process of decentralization started actively in the education system. The Board of Trustees (BoT) were established in schools. 

Online Course of Media Literacy in Georgia

For several years distant training has begun in Georgia. The Civic Development Institute started to develop distance learning courses in 2018.

“Expanding Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities in Azerbaijan”

“Expanding Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities in Azerbaijan” joint project of the European Union, UNICEF and Ministry of Education were launched. 

Vusal Mamedov about education

Vusal Mamedov's success story

Child protection experts learned about CNC

In the frame of advocacy campaign of Caucasus Network for Children (CNC), members of Azerbaijan Children Union (ACU) had set of meetings

Caucuses Network for Children (CNC) again assembled

6th General Assembly and a board meeting of CNC Network took place in Vienna, Austria.

My family – the main support and motivation for success

The success story of Elvin Ismayilov

Pupils were acquainted with the activity of the university

Lecturers of Western Caspian University have met with about 15,000 pupils

“We are thinking of the future beforehand”

Within the School Communities program, the social project has been implemented

New, Renovated Child Development Center in Noyemberyan

"Bridge of Hope" NGO's Noyemberyan Child Care and Family Support Center has a renovated center for children and their families of 19 settlements in Noyemberyan region of Tavush Marz.

Azerbaijani pupils received international awards

for their scientific projects

How education problems are resolved in remote villages of Azerbaijan

Modular type schools are built in Azerbaijan 

“Let's read together!”

Grandiose “Reading day” holiday organized in Heydar Aliyev Park in Baku

“I dream being Nobel Prize laureate in the future”

The success story of Reyhan Jamalova

“Living together, learning together”: new phase, new goal

The new phase of the project "Living Together, Learn Together", implemented by CNC member NGO "Bridge of Hope", has been launched. 

“Young web-programmers of Azerbaijan”

Student of Baku High Oil School (BHOS) Leyli Abbasova’s successfully implemented project was named exactly like this.

One day at university

UNEC (Azerbaijan State University of Economics) continues realization of “One day at UNEC” project which is very popular among high-grade pupils. 

Welcome to the
Caucasus Network for Children

"All children in the Caucasus region have equal access to inclusive education" – This is the vision of the Caucasus Network for Children (CNC). The Network was launched in January 2013 and consists of 15 partner organizations at the moment.

The Caucasus Network for Children brings together civil society organizations working with vulnerable children in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation (Republic of Ingushetia, Republic of North-Ossetia, Republic of Chechnya).


Together for the Rights of Children

The aim of the Network is to advance and safeguard the rights of children from vulnerable groups and their inclusion into education and the life of the community. The CNC member organizations support vulnerable children in a variety of ways from supporting access to education, to providing extracurricular activities, to trainings for income-generation skills. They are open to cooperation with different local and international partners such as local governments, international donors and local businesses.